In Cambodia, Christmas is celebrated, but not because of Christ.  It’s a “Western” holiday.  Trees pop up at stores, red ribbons adorn posts, kids are dressed in red with white Santa caps, and the old fellow’s face gets plastered onto windows.  But since its not really a significant cultural holiday, the banks don’t shut down and the world keeps on going as usual.

Our students still had to go to school on Christmas, but when they were let out at 4, our staff had a celebration ready for them!

A team from Kona, Hawaii came to help and there were games, face painting, and a chance to share the story of Christ’s birth.  All together they took the time to share God’s love with our kids!  Then everyone had a chance to go out to dinner and each of our sponsored children received a Christmas present that included new clothes, a jacket, a toy, and a children’s Bible.

Praise God for His blessings!  Praise God that He loved us so much to send His Son!  Praise God that we get to share that story and His love with these kids from the streets!