In Cambodia

SoklyChea Sokly

Ministry Director

Sokly is a passionate young woman with a drive to serve the Lord and share His love with those who need it.

After graduating high school she worked in a garment factory in Phnom Penh for a number of years before being called to go to a Discipleship Training School through Youth With A Mission (YWAM).  After learning and working with them she met Greg and became involved with ministry to the street children of Battambang and helped to establish Crossing Cambodia.

She now serves as our Ministry Director, running the day to day operations of Crossing Cambodia and helping to develop the vision and future ministry opportunities.


HoeurpOeurm Hoeurp

Head Preschool Advocate

Hoeurp is often quiet, but she is calm, dedicated, and confident of her abilities.

Prior to coming to work with us she earned a 4 year degree in accounting and worked as a cook at a local restaurant.  However, she greatly desired an opportunity to share God’s love and serve him daily in her work and she came to us to interview to be the main teacher in our preschool program.

Now she serves as our Preschool Advocate, looking after the needs of the smallest children in our program as well as helping to cook and prepare meals for the other children.


ChhovinChhovin Suon

Children’s Advocate

Chhovin is the newest of our staff, but has a unique love for the children at Crossing Cambodia.


SeanKim Sok Sean

Children’s Advocate 

Sean is the newest member of the Crossing Cambodia team.  He went to school at Preah Monivong High School and currently works as one of our Children’s Advocates.  In addition to serving a small group of children he fills the role of a positive male role model for many of the boys and helps to drive the ministry tuk-tuk to pick up and drop off children.



Tith Van Deth

Volunteer Coordinator

Deth is as friendly as he is resourceful.  He greets teams and volunteers with a great big smile and an eagerness to share his home and culture with everyone who comes to Cambodia.

Deth grew up in Battambang and worked for a number of years in Canada.  He currently serves as our Volunteer Coordinator by helping to receive teams and individuals who come to Cambodia to serve alongside our ministry to the street children.


Ngat Sopheap

Children’s Advocate

Sopheap is a ball of energy and new ideas, always eager to be engaged in her work and in sharing God’s love!

Previously she worked as a server in a local restaurant and she has completed 2 years of university and a Discipleship Training School (DTS) through Youth With a Mission (YWAM).

DSC_5230Gregory Holz

Mission Director

Greg has been living and working in Cambodia since 2007 when he first came out with LCMS World Mission.  He has worked for a number of different organizations since that time, but when he was introduced to the street children of Battambang, God set something in motion.

Greg now serves as the Mission Director for Crossing Cambodia, helping to set the vision and seeking out the resources necessary for the local staff to reach out to the poor and vulnerable who live in Battambang.

He currently lives in Battambang with he wife Sinuon and their 2 children, Richard and Julianne.

You can keep up with Greg via email or through his blog.

Ramblings of the Asian Caucasian


Bronson & Paulina Lobato

Special Projects Manager & Administrative Manager

In 2013, Bronson moved to Cambodia to complete the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Battambang. After a few months of completing his training and working in ministry in Cambodia, he married Paulina who was just finishing up her studies in Business Administration at the University of Southern California (USC). After getting married, the two moved back to Cambodia to continue doing missions.

At Crossing, Bronson develops new ideas and manages special projects while Paulina works on the financial and administrative side of things.

You can keep up with Bronson & Paulina via email or through their blog.

Bronson & Paulina’s Blog


Isabelle (Izzy) Carriere

Special Ministry Consultant

Izzy has been working with Crossing Cambodia in Canada and Cambodia for many years. About a year ago, she made the decision to call Cambodia her home and officially move overseas to the Kingdom of Wonder. Often called “Mama Bear,” she is known for her big heart and loving spirit throughout Battambang and Siem Reap. Now, Izzy works in many ministries in Cambodia. In Crossing Cambodia, she is our advisor and consultant for new projects.


Chris & Rachna Brooks

Co-Projects Manager & Ministry Director Attache

Chris has been living in Cambodia for the last three years. After finishing the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Battambang, he moved to Phnom Penh to work and train with a church plant there for a year. Just a few months ago, he moved back to Battambang with his now-wife, Rachna, to work with Crossing Cambodia.

He and Bronson work together to come up with new ideas and special projects for the organization. Rachna works with Sokly and the rest of the Khmer staff to handle administrative tasks and other day-to-day functions at the Center.

You can keep up with Chris & Rachna via email or through their blog.

Chris & Rachna’s Blog



International Team Members


We’re not just a few people in a country far far away. Crossing Cambodia is able to work in Cambodia thanks to the committed time and energy of people in the US, Canada, and other countries.

BisaillionBrent & Suzanne Bisaillion

Media Specialist and Regional Liaison for Canada

Brent helps support Crossing Cambodia by providing media support and graphic design.  Helping us to maintain our brand image, create promotional materials, and consulting on maintaining our website.

Suzanne supports Crossing Cambodia by building relationships and connections in Canada to aid us in developing support for our ministry!



Crossing Cambodia’s Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves by providing oversight and support for Greg and the missionaries who serve within Crossing Cambodia.

Chris Smith

Board Chair






Dan Deuel

Vice Chair and Spiritual Director






Blake Ingram

Board Treasurer




Jodie Stoltenow

Sponsorship Director






Suzanne Bisaillion

Board Secretary