What is the Application Process?

Our current application process for you, your family, or your team is as follows:

  1. Fill out an application.
  2. Complete an interview.
  3. Run a background check.
  4. Sign a work / volunteer contract.

Ready to complete Step 1? Click below to complete your application. Submission instructions are on the last page.


1. When do I complete my interview and what will you ask?

After submitting your application, the Crossing Cambodia team will discuss your application and contact you for an interview. The purpose of this interview is to gain an understanding about what you want to accomplish during your time in Cambodia. Essentially, we want to see if Crossing Cambodia is a good fit for you and your vision. Do not be intimidated by the interview; we are simply trying to get to know you better and understand what are your hopes for your time in Cambodia.


2. Why background checks?

The children that we work with at Crossing Cambodia are considered vulnerable and at-risk of exploitation.  Because of this we require that anyone who wishes to volunteer with us that is not being sent to us by a trusted ministry partner, even for short periods of time, must be prepared to submit to a criminal background check.  We do this so that we can readily demonstrate to anyone, such as government agencies in Cambodia, ministry partners, or other parties, who may be concerned about how volunteers interact with children that we are not putting these children at risk of exploitation or abuse through our programs.

Because of this requirement ALL VOLUNTEERS need to be prepared to pay the necessary fees (typically around $50 USD) for us to run background checks in their country of origin and provide us with adequate personal information in order to do so. If you do not agree to this or cannot fulfill this requirement within 15 days prior to the start of your agreed upon volunteering dates you will be prohibited from entering Crossing Cambodia’s facilities or interacting with our staff, children, and programs.


3. What are the costs?

The cost for teams and individual missionaries can vary greatly depending on a lot of different factors. This can include the size of the team / family / individual needs, what project the team is taking on and the scale of it, and what level of accommodation is required.

Please use the sheet linked here to find your expected cost breakdown. Simply download / make a copy of the sheet and fill in the blanks on the sheet to find what cost breakdown is expected for you.


4. What about travel insurance?

We do not require teams and volunteers to have travel insurance.  If you feel you need travel insurance in case of emergencies you can purchase it through the following website.



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