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Is Crossing Cambodia a 501(c)3 non-profit?

Yes!  Crossing Cambodia is a 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations made to us at this time are considered tax-deductible.

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Is Crossing Cambodia a registered NGO in Cambodia?

In Cambodia the local Ministry Director, Ms. Chea Sokly, has established a local NGO (non-governmental organization) and registered it as Cher Chgaan Chlong Kampuchea (Literally translated as “The Cross that Crosses Over Cambodia”). This organization develops ministries on the ground and directly serves the street children.

Legally Crossing Cambodia in the USA and Cher Chgaan Chlong Kampuchea in Cambodia are considered separate organizations but are closely associated.

The 501(c)3 organization in the US is responsible for fundraising, resource development, and coordinating volunteers and teams to support the local work in Cambodia. It also lends use of its name and logo to Cher Chgaan Chlong Kampuchea for the purpose of promotion and partnership. Gregory Holz as the Mission Director is responsible for working closely with the local Cambodian staff of the Cambodian organization to ensure that the ideals of Crossing Cambodia are being implemented and funding used appropriately.

Cher Chgaan Chlong Kampuchea carries out the local work in Cambodia but defers to Crossing Cambodia’s leadership structure with regards to any support provided by the US organization or resources and volunteers recruited by Crossing Cambodia.

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Where is Crossing Cambodia’s office in the US and who handles donations?

As Crossing Cambodia is a small organization, we presently do not have a formal US office.  We are registered as a company and non-profit in the state of Texas and all mail and donations are received by a forwarding agent in Mound, Minnesota.

All accounting and donations are handled by Joe Harris, CPA.  Their office records donations and provides regular audits of our expenses and use of funds to ensure that we are using funds appropriately and in accordance with US laws.

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Why does Crossing Cambodia need 10% of all donations for accounting?  I want my whole donation to support you!

A portion of all donations to help cover basic administration is necessary and 10% is just the upper limit of what we may use to cover administrative costs.

Most mission sending organizations need a portion of all donations to help cover the cost of administration. Some take as little as 5% and others may take as much as 25%, while most organizations require between 10% and 15%.  This money is used to help cover credit card processing fees and banking fees, pay for staff to help organize and deposit donations, and costs related to the IRS and necessary accounting.

While we surely would appreciate the extra funds in our ministry account, we know that these services are absolutely necessary so that we can collect donations from many different people.  Without this service it would make it much more difficult for us to solicit donations and continue the work we do in Cambodia.

If you would like to increase how much money actually gets into our hands, consider sending us checks to avoid PayPal transaction fees.

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How do you calculate the 10%?

When you make a donation to Crossing Cambodia 5% of that donation is needed to cover the expenses of accounting through our public accountant, wire transfers to get the money from the US to Cambodia, and other miscellaneous costs.

We then also may need up to 5% to cover the processing fees for credit cards and online donations via PayPal. PayPal charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction they process so this amount may vary depending on the size of the donation, therefore we estimate that up to 5% may be needed for online donations and credit and debit cards.

As we continue to utilize PayPal’s services for processing donations we hope that our non-profit status will allow us to reduce this fee to as low as 2.2% of transactions, but for now we work with what we can get.

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Does Crossing Cambodia have a board of directors?

Yes! We do indeed have a board of directors.  Presently there are 5 committed board members who help to provide oversight and ensure the ongoing operation of Crossing Cambodia.

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I’d like to volunteer, but I can’t get out to Cambodia.  Can I still help?

Absolutely! We have many jobs that need doing from maintaining our website to developing our support network. Let us know what your skills are and how you’d like to help out and we will gladly work with you to work out a plan.

At present we need help spreading the word about what we’re doing and to make connections with other individuals and churches. If you are interested please contact us about joining our Regional Liaison Network.

Just send us an email at info@crossingcambodia.org to find out more about how you can help us make connections!

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Do you require children to become Christians?

As a Christian organization we get asked this a lot. We do not require anyone to become Christian to be involved in our programs. However, as we are moved by our faith to serve others and share God’s love we make sure the families of all children involved in our programs know that we are Christians and we teach about our faith through our work and at our center.

Our main focus is to put God’s love into action regularly in their lives by feeding them, clothing them, and teaching them. We hope that by the work of the Spirit they will want to know more and will want to also share that love with others around them.

Our primary rule for anyone in our center is RESPECT FOR GOD.
This means that when anyone comes into our center we expect them to hear us out and respect what it is we believe, and we will extend the same respect for whatever it is that they believe, regardless of whether we agree with it or not.

We want people to know we are Christians by our love.

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