This Christmas my family got one of the most wonderful Christmas presents we’ve ever gotten and possibly ever will get.

This is my wife’s mother. Her name is Eang Mom.


She has been experiencing abdominal pain among other symptoms and last week went to see a doctor in Phnom Penh at Victoria International Hospital. A hospital which advertises for its high level of care and (supposedly) well trained doctors from China. She tested positive for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and had an abnormal Pap Test result. The doctors ran some other tests and came back and told her she had Stage 3 Cervical Cancer.

As you can imagine our family was devastated to hear this. My wife was furious and nearly collapsed emotionally. After the death of her father, and with no immediate siblings, she and her mother have always been very close and the thought of losing her now was something she just wouldn’t be able to handle. Our whole world came to a grinding halt. We started planning to liquidate all our assets and seek whatever care options we had available to us all the way out here in Cambodia. Even my family started looking into possible connections that could help us with this issue.

We contacted Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope in Phnom Penh about additional screening. We made an appointment and came back down to Phnom Penh as quickly as we could. On Christmas morning we went in fully expecting to hear them confirm that Sinuon’s mom had cancer, we were just hoping that it wasn’t actually Stage 3 and that it might be fixed by a hysterectomy and not prolonged chemotherapy and radiation.

When Mom came out the doctor said that although she had tested positive for HPV, there were NO VISUAL SIGNS OF CANCER. She said the abdominal pains were likely from a different, unrelated ailment. Sinuon’s mother still needs another Pap Test and if that comes back abnormal there will be further screening and talk of treatment, but if it is positive, the cancer would only be at an early stage. So at the moment we are relieved beyond all measure that Sinuon’s mother will still be around for a good while.

Most likely the previous doctor made a gross misdiagnosis. I assumed that no doctor (even lousy ones) would be so irresponsible or cold hearted to declare someone had cancer without being certain, but we are in Cambodia where there is no one holding the medical practice accountable. However, we certainly aren’t going to rule out that God may have given us some sort of miracle.

We are eternally grateful to Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope for giving us such wonderful news on Christmas Day. We can more happily celebrate the coming of our Lord as a family this year, knowing that He continues to care for us. This year God has so wonderfully reminded us how His love is poured out on us, and we hope that as it has been so richly given to us, that we will be able to continue to pour our His love on others so that they may know who He is!