20130912_110727Our kids like to draw. So much so that they were tearing pages out of their notebooks and drawing at school rather than paying attention.


So we made an arrangement that they would get one clean sheet of paper each day to draw on. Whatever they liked, but they couldn’t use their notebook paper and had to draw only at our center.


Its amazing how much these kids truly do love to draw! A clean sheet of paper to draw on is such a rare treat for them and something which I certainly have taken for granted. I grew up with lots of paper and doodling pictures all the time, never realizing that one sheet of paper was such a big deal to anyone else.


When before we were struggling to keep kids busy during their down time after lunch, now we’ve had nearly 3 days of quiet, no arguing, no fighting, no goofing off, just drawing. Its a reminder again of how God works through little things in our lives. We may go out seeking a great grandiose solution for a problem that is in front of us, but more often than not the solution God puts before us is as plain as a piece of white paper.