Crossing Cambodia is a para-church ministry.  We seek to work in partnership with local congregations and other Christian organizations to most effectively utilize the resources which God provides to the mission field.

In every ministry that we engage in our goal is not only to share the Gospel message with those around us, but to develop Christian leadership that will be capable of moving ministry forward.


Street Ministries

In April of 2011 God put before us a number of children who live on the streets of Battambang.

Many of these kids come from difficult family situations.  Very few of them attend school, they are expected to search for recyclables, beg, and steal to provide money to their parents.  There are many people in Cambodia who look down upon these kids as troublemakers and often times write them off as lost causes.

Crossing Cambodia is seeking to work with these children, to provide them a respite from life on the streets, and to develop opportunities to give them a better future through day programs and educational programs.


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Church & Mission Networking

Unity in the body of Christ is important no matter where in the world we may be.

In our work at Crossing Cambodia our goal is to work alongside and enable local Christian churches and their membership to be the ones who will carry the message of Christ forward to their own nation.  Our goal is to share our resources with other Christians around us so that we can effectively share the burden of ministry with others and that together we can do more through Christ who empowers us.


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Open Bible Project

The Bible is the foundation of our faith and a source of great comfort to Christians in times of difficulty.

Through the Open Bible Project our goal is to acquire as many Bibles as we possibly can so that the Word of God will be freely available to all people.  We hope to provide free or low-cost Bibles to churches, organizations, and individuals who need them as they continue to serve God and share His word with those around them.

A single Bible costs us $7.  Please pray about helping us make the Word of God readily available to all!


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Teams & Volunteers

Do you feel that God is calling you to serve Him in Cambodia?

There are many ways in which God can use your skills and abilities in mission in Cambodia.  There are opportunities to teach English, conduct VBS, and provide training for our staff and partners.  Our intent with all teams and volunteers is to use them where they will be most effective in reaching out to the lost and in building relationships that empower local Christians to carry on the work you may be involved with.


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