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Our child sponsorship program is intended to be a fully comprehensive plan to help support these children long-term through the completion of school.  Not only are we placing them in school and keeping a general watch for their wellbeing, but we are looking out for general health needs, providing personal attention and support intended to help address the reasons why these children have dropped out of school or been unable to go to school before.

As a sponsor of a child you will receive a monthly report via email of the progress of their small group and regular photos of your child so that you can see them develop and continue to grow.  Please continue to pray for them and their group so that they may know God’s love in their lives and so that we may see them grow up and break the cycle of poverty their families and communities!

We cannot post pictures of individual children in need of sponsors online as we seek to protect their privacy and in keeping with the laws of Cambodia covering the protection of vulnerable children.  But when you choose to sponsor a child through Crossing Cambodia we will match you with a child in need of a sponsor and you will be provided with a picture of them and that information which we are legally able to disclose.



Full – $100/month


Half – $50/month

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Partial – $25/month



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Want to know more about how sponsorship works?  Feel free to ask us, but first take a look below to see if we’ve already got an answer for your question.

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How Long Does Sponsorship Last?

Sponsorship of the kids lasts for as long as we are able to keep these kids in school.  Many of these kids come from transient families who have no permanent home and we recognize that at times we unfortunately may lose track of them.  It is our goal to track them as best possible and pick them up daily from where ever they may be and resolve whatever issues may be preventing them from continuing their education.


We hope and pray that we will at the very least be able to continue their education until the age of 18.  However, we hope that we will build lasting relationships with these kids and their families and be enabled to help these children to complete high-school, college, or whatever job skills training program they may choose to go into so that they may become productive members of society, that they may break the cycle of poverty in their families, and go on to share the love of Christ with all those around them.


Our model is to provide personal attention to these kids and provide positive incentives to them to push through the difficult parts of schooling and education.

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How Are Children Chosen for Sponsorship?

Children are selected based upon their needs and as we recognize that their families are either unable or unwilling to provide the necessary support for them to complete their education.


Many of the poor and street children of Battambang have family that are willing for them to attend school, but because of extreme poverty or personal vices they are unable to provide the support needed.  This may be because of many reasons which our staff carefully considers and evaluates.  These reasons may include but are not limited to…

  • Parents may have personal addictions that prevent them from taking an active role in their child’s education.
  • Because of extreme poverty parents may lack time to be active in their child’s education.
  • Children have not been successful in other sponsorship programs because of a lack of personal attention.
  • Children have difficultly learning and are unable to succeed in the Cambodian public school environment.

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Can I Correspond With My Sponsored Child?

Yes!  You will be able to send and receive correspondence with them via our sponsorship agents in the US and Canada.  We would like to encourage you to communicate in an appropriate way with your child as the relationship you can build may help motivate the child to continue their schooling and push onward.  Here are a few ways that we recommend…


  1. Mail a Letter
    You may write letters to you child! Write a short and simple message that will be easy for them to understand.  Encourage them to trust in God and share His love!  You can include photos of yourself and your family, postcards, or small gifts like stickers or bookmarks.  These kind of small, personal items will help to foster a relationship between you and your child.Be sure to mark your letter clearly with the child’s full name on top so we can direct it to the correct child.Do not include personal contact information on your letter.  We want to protect your privacy as parents may encourage the children to contact you directly to solicit money for them.Please also provide us with an email address for yourself or that will be able to reach you.  Any responses that a child may provide will be sent back to you via email as the mail system here can be unreliable. You may send letters to our office address in Cambodia…
    Crossing Cambodia
    House #168, Group 7
    Wat Romdol Village, Chamkar Samrong Commune
    Battambang City, Battambang Province
  2. Email Letters
    Much like writing a letter, you can email a letter and pictures to us which we can print and share with the child. Any responses that a child may provide will also be sent back to you via email as the mail system here can be unreliable. All email correspondence should be send through…

Please do not try to connect with your sponsored child via Facebook or social media.  Crossing Cambodia is committed to the safety and privacy of both our children and donors.  As in the US or other countries, any unmonitored communication between an adult and a minor can be dangerous.  Crossing Cambodia reserves the right to preview and censor information in your communications as is necessary for the protection of our children and their privacy.

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Can I Send Gifts to My Child?

We do not recommend sending parcels in the mail or large gifts to your sponsored child.
Gifts can cause tension among sponsored children, their families, or within their communities.  And no matter how well meant the gift may be, it could be inappropriate, culturally or otherwise.


If you feel strongly that you would like to provide a gift to your child we ask that you would please consider contributing funds for one of the following small group gifts which are given as a whole to the kids as is needed.


  • Shoes
    • Our children often where old beat up flip-flops that at times are too small for their feet. While we try to cover this out of our Miscellaneous budget, it can add up quick as the quality of shoes out here is poor and kids can go through them quickly.1 pair of shoes costs about $3.50
  • Water Bottles
    • Each day our kids fill up recycled bottles with water to take with them to school. We would like to purchase good quality water bottles such as Nalgene or Coleman water bottles that the kids can use and store at our office in the evenings.  These bottles can be safely cleaned and reused time and again.1 water bottle is about $10
  • Treat The Group to Lunch
    • We treat these kids like family and every once in a while it’s nice just to let them break routine and do something special. When we see kids feeling discouraged or when we just feel they need a break we like to take them out to eat someplace special.1 Lunch out for the small group is about $30
  • Christmas or Easter Party
    • We want our kids to appreciate what God has done for them and to celebrate the important days of our faith. We intend on throwing small parties and giving small gifts to our sponsored children.  You may contribute to help us make these celebrations happen!Total expected cost of party $150
      Contribute whatever you feel is good.  We’ll make sure the kids know you helped make it happen!
  • End of School Year Trip
    • Many of our kids get discouraged by struggling in classes or when they are in a grade level much lower than their age. Often when they want to quit, we are the only ones encouraging them to push on.  As incentive to push through the difficult parts of their education we are offering our kids an end of year trip if they successfully complete their grade level.This is being funded out of our general budget, not from the sponsorship budget.  By sponsoring your child for this trip we can then put our general fund towards other ministry opportunities to continue reaching out to other children in our community.The end of year trip is expected to cost about $100 per kid.  This covers meals, transportation, lodging, and the expenses of bringing their advocates and additional chaperones to help supervise the kids.
  • Medical Fund
    • We have established a small medical fund for general care and emergencies. To help ensure this fund does not become exhausted you can contribute to it so that if your child or a member of their small group becomes ill or requires emergency care we have the resources available to cover all related costs.Any gift towards this cause is greatly appreciated!

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Can I Come and Meet My Child?

Absolutely!  We strongly encourage you to come out and meet your child and their small group!  These children need love and attention and coming out to meet them is a big deal for them.  However, all visits must be arranged and planned by Crossing Cambodia.  We take the safety of our children seriously and will only allow sponsors to meet children when at least one of our staff is present.  We also request that while you may feel drawn particularly to your child, please treat their whole small group with love and respect.  Not all of their sponsors will be able to come out to visit them and we want each child in our program to know that they are loved and cared for.

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How Do We Use Your Sponsorship?

School Tution  $30.00
Meals  $20.00
Transportation  $10.00
School Supplies  $10.00
Miscellaneous  $10.00
Facility Costs*  $10.00
Gift Administration**  $10.00
 Total  $100.00

* A portion of the sponsorship is used to help cover the rent and utility costs of the facility where we bring the children each day.
** Gift Administration is the necessary fee we pay to our accounting office in San Antonio, TX for receiving gifts, entering them into the accounting system, and forwarding it on to Cambodia for us.

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