IMG_7519In Acts chapter 8 we find the story of Phillip as he ran alongside the chariot of the Ethiopian.  A unique point in the story that many people might not pick up on is how God commanded Phillip to head south towards Gaza.  Along his way Phillip met an Ethiopian, shared God’s word, baptized the man, and then was whisked away to another city and ultimately ended up in Ceasaria, in the north of Israel.

Sometimes God tells us to head in a direction, to follow his plan, and often we think we’ve figured out what the end point is going to be.  But sometimes God may send us in one direction because He has something in that direction that will prepare us for work in His greater plan that we often may not see.

IMG_0341In April of 2011 I was introduced to the street children of Battambang.  I never conceived that a simple worship service for Holy Week would change my life so dramatically, but God had big plans in mind.

I originally intended that service to be the jumping off point for building a church that would grow and connect to more youth, but God used that worship service as the opportunity to spark a new vision for where He wanted me to go.

Now nearly 2 years later I find myself developing a ministry to street children.  I am looking for opportunities to share His love so that they might find comfort in their lives and be enabled to share that love many times over to their friends and community.

IMG_6532Crossing Cambodia is an Opportunity

We are going to start small and let the Lord lead us from there.  Our goal is to have 4 or 5 children sponsored and enrolled in school by October 2013.  These are kids who have been in and out of schools because of their living circumstances and traditional schools or support programs aren’t able to meet their needs.

We are going to provide this small group of children with a full-time Cambodian staff person who will be their advocate to make sure they get into a clean uniform in the mornings, eat a healthy meal, get to school, and get their homework done.  Our goal is to get them into school and to keep them in school.  We hope and pray that by doing this we will be able to show them the Love of Christ which moves us and which not only can comfort us in this life, but can provide us life eternal with Him!

IMG_6578Please pray with us that we’re going to be able to accomplish this vision and so much more as God leads us according to His plan!