We accept donations online or via check. Thank you for your support!

Crossing Cambodia is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. All donations made to Crossing Cambodia are considered tax-deductible.

Donate Online

We accept credit card, Venmo, or PayPal using our online system.

Donate by Mail

To donate by mail please make checks out to Crossing Cambodia. You can send your donation to the following address:

Crossing Cambodia
PO Box 656
Mound, MN 55364

On the memo line, please indicate which fund or individual your donation is specified for. All unspecified donations will automatically be distributed towards general ministry funds.

Child Sponsorship Support

Our child sponsorship program is intended to be a fully comprehensive plan to help support strret children long-term through the completion of school.  Not only are we placing them in school and keeping a general watch for their well-being, but we are looking out for general health needs, providing personal attention and support intended to help address the reasons why these children have dropped out of school or been unable to go to school before.

Interested in our Child Sponsorship program? Fill out this quick application and a Crossing Cambodia staff will get in touch with you soon.

Not sure yet if you would like to become a sponsor? Want more information about our program first? Visit our Full Guide on Sponsorships.

How Else Can You Support?

  • Airline Flyer Miles

    Airline Flyer Miles

    Keeping the ministry moving requires resources and funding. In order to keep those coming in Greg needs to travel regularly to keep donors and churches informed about what we’re doing and what our financial needs and prayer requests are. Typically the cost of travelling will come out of our general fund, however, if you feel God moving you to purchase an international or domestic plane ticket it will be greatly appreciated as that means the money remains in our general fund to cover ministry expenses like our office or the Open Bible Project.

    If you have extra frequent flyer miles please consider using them to help us book international and domestic flights so that Greg and others can continue to travel and raise the support necessary for this ministry to continue.

  • Church Visits

    Church Visits

    If you support us we ask that you pray about helping us extend our network. As we serve the people of Cambodia we pray that we will be able to grow and build a solid support base on which we can continue to reach out to the Cambodian people for years to come. Please consider talking to your pastor or mission council about inviting one of our missionaries to come speak to your church and share with them about the awesome work God is doing here!

  • Electronics & Resources

    Electronics & Resources

    If you have an old laptop, tablet, or camera please prayerfully consider donating it to our ministry. In Cambodia we can get these items refurbished so that we can use them for our office or in the field to document and keep track of kids and ministry projects.

    If you own a Ford, Toyota, Nissan, or Mitsubishi truck that you would like to contribute please contact us. In order to get to ministry sites and transport children we need vehicles. When we have 2 vehicles and adequate funds for shipping we can send the vehicles to Cambodia where we can fully refurbish them for a low cost and then use them for many years to come.

  • Volunteering


    Do you have a unique skill or ability you wish to share? Or do you have a heart to serve others who have not yet had the chance to hear the redeeming message of the gospel? Check out our Volunteers page to find out more about what opportunities there are for you to come out and join us in sharing the gospel message to the people of Cambodia!