Over the last 6 weeks I have been hopping from point to point to point as I go about sharing with all my supporters, friends, and family about the work which God is doing in Cambodia. I have been to California, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Minnesota, Illinois, and Colorado on this trip and while it has been a long journey and I have been away from my wife and son for quite some time it has surely been an encouragement to know that God is moving so many people to pray for us and the work which God has put before us in Cambodia.

I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Lutheran High School of San Antonio, Concordia Lutheran School, and Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran School where so many young Christians shared their own enthusiasm at the opportunity to help others who are so far away, so different from themselves, and yet are united with them by a common faith.

I have visited many different churches and been blessed with opportunities to share the stories of the street children and see people moved to help us continue reaching out and sharing God’s love with these amazing children who are so often ignored and looked down upon. Thanks to the help of many we can keep lifting them up to the Lord!

Upon my return to Cambodia I will be taking some time to work with Pastor Ratanak at TransformAsia Church and plan out how I can best support him as he takes full leadership for the church and ministry there and I fall back into a supporting role so that the core of ministry there is being conducted by the Cambodian staff of the church.

I ask your prayers as we continue the Street Children’s Ministry. That we might continue to reach out to these children and let them know about God’s love for their lives. Ask that we will be able to find ways to work with their families and share with them all the love of Christ.

I also ask your prayers as I will be going back to teaching ESL at the church in order to help support the youth ministry there. ESL is a huge opportunity to reach out to the youth of Cambodia. Please pray that not only will I fill my classes but that God will give me patience and confidence to teach and that we will be able to find opportunities to connect the youth who attend to the church and its ministry. I also am hoping to begin teaching ESL specifically to many of the street children so that they can have new opportunities in their education.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support as we continue working with these children, with the church, and the Cambodian people!