The last several months I’ve been travelling all over the place and have been somewhat out of the loop with regards to getting a blog post onto the website.  However, today it simply cannot wait any longer.

I have been travelling all across the continent, from Texas to Louisiana to Colorado to Minnesota to Michigan and even a short trip up to Canada.  All as we’re trying to raise funds to start a ministry to street children in Cambodia.

NWe’ve known these kids for over 2 years when they were first brought to us and no one was quite sure what to do with them.  We started ministering to them by picking them up, feeding them, bathing them, and spending time simply sharing God’s love with them.  Srey NeangWe saw several kids moved from the streets into orphanages and schools and have done our best to try and take care of their physical and medical needs as we’ve seen them.

We went to a small slum by the riverside and to an old abandoned kick-boxing stadium to meet these families.

These kids are the cast-offs from society.  Most people don’t care where they go or what they do.  In fact, most Cambodians look down on them and would prefer if they just simply didn’t exist.  But we know that God cares.  That He loves the lowliest people and seeks to raise them up as His children.

IMG_7423In December we lost track of many kids when the government forced many families off of the street where we would go to meet them and later many of the families recongregated inside the old abandoned kick-boxing stadium near the center of town.  We kept seeking them out and have known for a while that eventually the owners of the kick-boxing stadium were going to redevelop the site.  Moving 1And now we have received news that they are finally acting on that plan and the street families are now being forced to leave.

Some of them will likely go to stay for a short while with relatives in the countryside, others will move to other cities, but most will be forced to find new shelter around town.

This is one of the hardest parts of working with families from the streets.  They are transient by nature, but often they are uprooted by force because they counting on people ignoring them while they sleep on unused spaces of land.

It is especially hard for me to hear this as I am all the way in America right now.  Trying to put together the funds and materials needed to serve these families, only now to find out that I am probably going to lose touch with many of the kids I’ve grown so close to.  I can only pray that our time with them has been enough that they are now going to carry God’s love with them to wherever they may go.

Moving 2Please join us in praying for these kids.  That God will watch over them and their parents as they go out seeking new homes.  Ask that He will continue to shine His love on them and that they will know that as they trust in Him, He will provide what is needed for them and His plan.  Please pray that He will enable us to find others and continue to serve them.

From Greg

Greg Holz is currently travelling in the US seeking support to establish the office and educational sponsorship programs for Crossing Cambodia.  Pray that upon return we will will be able to relocate many of the families and continue ministering to them.

Please also take a moment to pray over our Vision for the Future.  We have many possible visions that include housing projects so that hopefully events like this someday will be less of a tragedy and more of an opportunity to share God’s love with these families.