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Why We’re Paying for a Buddhist Funeral

Today was both heart wrenching and eye opening for me. This morning as I sat in church my phone began to ring.  I didn’t recognize the number and so I pushed the button to dismiss it.  It rang again and I repeated.  Again and again this happened.  Finally after the 8th time I stepped outside to answer it. I frequently get calls from street families.  Usually its not super important.  Such and such child has a fever and needs paracetamol, or little Bob needs to be excused from

We Made It! 2 Years of School in the Bag!

Every child at Crossing Cambodia comes with a unique story.  In fact, most of them I’ve known in one way or another since even before we started this ministry.  Now as June is over and July begins we’ve managed to make it through a second school year!  8 of our 9 kids older students managed to pass their grades and at least 3 of our preschool students will be starting 1st grade next year.  When I set out to start a ministry, I never imagined that this is where it would be aft

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