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Missions is a Two-Way Street

We get a lot of teams and volunteers that come through in the course of a year. We love them and are always excited to have them with us, but not just because they have come to help us. If we’re being completely honest, teams and volunteers are a lot of work, and sometimes it would actually be a lot easier for us if some of them didn’t come at all. Some of things volunteers and teams do we'd often rather they just send us the money to do a job with local labor (for the record, we're a small ministry with a very tight budget, we take what we can get). However, even though we know the teams will be an awful lot of work, we still want them to come.

Many people look at volunteering and assume that the volunteer is going to provide assistance or help with something people couldn’t do themselves. But we also look at volunteering as an opportunity for us and our students to teach others and witness to them as well. God hasn’t called us to minister only to street kids, but to you as well.

This year we’ve had several teams come in to help us build a chicken coop, paint walls, interact with kids, fix our storage area, work on our garden, and so much more. We’ve also had the opportunity to challenge them to look at how God gives them peace in their own lives, to ask how they are enacting God’s love in the lives of other, and to look at what blessings God has given them to be used for His glory.

We hope that we’ve not only made an impact on the children and families in our programs, but that we’ve made an impact on those who came to serve with us. We hope they take their experience here and go back to their homes with a changed heart and attitude about how they serve God every day.

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