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Ongoing Challenges


I wish I could say that it gets easier, but while some challenges you learn to overcome and some behaviors you can change or learn to ignore, others keep on pounding on you and new challenges are always coming up.

One of the biggest challenges of working with street children is growing close to them. We all want very much to care for these children and ease their burdens, but some of their burdens are immense and as we take them on it can be very draining and confusing. The closer you get to these children the greater the burden is when caring for them emotionally and spiritually.

Last year the mother of a couple of our students passed away unexpectedly. It was incredibly difficult and we ended up paying for the funeral. And then earlier this spring their father also passed away. Now we are working on plans for their long term care and their advocates are now perhaps the closest people to them as they are without major family role models. The oldest of the siblings temporarily dropped out of school and we are working on getting her the support necessary so that she can start again in August.


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